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About Muskoka for Muskoka, Ontario and Area

When you want to know Muskoka, Ontario

Overview of Muskoka, Ontario, Canada

The Muskoka District Municipality is home to the towns of Bracebridge, Gravenhurst, and Huntsville, as well as the townships of Muskoka Lakes, Georgian Bay, and Lake of Bays. The District, located in south-central Ontario, is often termed “Cottage Country” for the large number of tourists that visit the region for its pristine natural setting and beauty. Other tourist attractions in the region include fishing, golfing, waterfalls, beaches, and local sporting events. The District is also home to a unique cultural history, maintained through the various heritage sites and museums throughout the region.

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  • Population: Roughly 50,000 full time residents with an additional 100,000 seasonal property owners
  • Population Density: 1,727.7 km2
  • Area: 6,475km²
  • Latitude: 44`97° N
  • Weather: See forecast
  • Elevation: 280 m. above sea level
  • Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
  • Language: English
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History of Muskoka, Ontario

Provincial Legislation established the District Municipality of Muskoka on January 1, 1971.

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Muskoka's Demographics

The district of Muskoka is home to roughly 50,000 full time residents and an additional 100,000 seasonal property owners.

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Muskoka's Climate

The District of Muskoka has weather typical to that of south-central Ontario, with hot summers and exceptionally cold winters. The average July temperature in the region is 19°C and the average January temperature is -10°C. The total precipitation in the district is 993 mm and the total snowfall is between 10 and 11 feet.

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Education in Muskoka, Ontario

The towns within Muskoka District hold many education facilities, including elementary and secondary public schools.

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Transportation around Muskoka, Ontario

There are many transportation opportunities for Muskoka District. These include the Ontario Northern and VIA Rail services, major bus lines, a taxi service, and regular flights to and from the Toronto island airport.

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Tourism and Attractions of Muskoka

The district of Muskoka is home to over 250 accommodations such as bed and breakfasts, large resorts, camping, cottage rentals, and trailer parks. Tourist attractions offered by the region include boat tours, guided wild animal viewing, beautiful lakes and forests, spectacular waterfalls, golfing, fishing, granite cliffs, dog sledding, canoe tripping, hiking, sporting events, extensive beaches, and local cultural and entertainment events!

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Surrounding Communities

  • Muskoka
  • Illfracombe
  • Kilworthy
  • MacTier
  • Yearley
  • Port Severn
  • Stanleydale
  • Ashworth
  • Vernon Shores
  • Lancelot
  • Etwell
  • Norvern Shores
  • Allensville
  • Tomelin Bluffs
  • Shannon Hall
  • Hekkla
  • Bear Cave
  • Aspdin
  • Rosseau
  • Rosseau Falls
  • Bent River
  • Raymond
  • Utterson
  • Gull Rock
  • Parkersville
  • Echo Beach
  • Juddhaven
  • Rostrevor
  • Morinus
  • Dee Bank
  • Inverness Lodge
  • Beatrice
  • Windermere
  • Thorel House
  • Minett
  • Ufford
  • Woodington
  • Gregory
  • Ferndale
  • Port Sandfield
  • Brackenrig
  • Bardsville
  • Port Carling
  • Springdale
  • Falkenburg Station
  • Glen Orchard
  • Valley Green Beach
  • Port Keewaydin
  • Milford Bay
  • Ziska
  • Roderick
  • Medora
  • Dudley
  • Whiteside
  • Rossclair
  • Sunset Beach
  • Beaumaris
  • Cedar Village
  • Mortimers Point
  • Bracebridge
  • Bangor Lodge
  • Golden Beach
  • Barlochan
  • Park Beach
  • Bala
  • St. Elmo
  • Alport
  • Stephens Bay
  • Bala Park
  • Browning Island
  • Torrance
  • Muskoka Beach
  • Woodward Station
  • West Gravenhurst
  • Southwood
  • Gravenhurst
  • Jevins
  • Huntsville
  • Novar
  • Melissa
  • Brooks Mills
  • Limberpost Lodge
  • Millar Hill
  • Centurion
  • Ravenscliffe
  • Grassmere
  • Hidden Valley
  • Hillside
  • Dwight
  • North Portage
  • Canal
  • South Portage
  • Martins
  • Port Sydney
  • Muskoka Lodge
  • Newholm
  • Britannia Road
  • Bona Vista
  • Britannia
  • Bondi Village
  • Lumina
  • Sea Breeze
  • Birkendale
  • Dorset
  • Grove Park
  • Fox Point
  • Big Win
  • Port Cunnington
  • Wahawin
  • Glenmount
  • Browns Brae
  • Maple Ridge
  • Grandview
  • Nith Grove
  • Baysville
  • Stoneleigh
  • Monsell
  • Fraserburg
  • Purbrook
  • Clear Lake
  • Lakewood
  • Vankoughnet
  • Uffington
  • Germania
  • Barkway
  • Matthiasville
  • Muskoka Falls
  • Rocksborough

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Geography of Muskoka, Ontario

The Muskoka District Municipality, located in south-central Ontario, extends from the northern tip of Lake Couchiching in the south, to Algonquin Provincial Park in the east, to Georgian Bay in the west, and is located roughly two hours north from the provincial capital of Toronto. Muskoka contains roughly 1,600 lakes and spans 6,475 square kilometres.

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Muskoka's Government

The Muskoka District Municipality is governed by a 23 member council that consists of the mayors of the 6 region municipalities, 16 district councillors, and a district chair elected by the council at large. The district council is responsible for the general of the Muskoka District, with the council establishing policies that are then administered by the district staff.

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Muskoka's Economy and Industry

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Muskoka's Culture and Significant Events

The towns of the Muskoka District Municipality have a unique artistic heritage that began with the infamous group of seven that painted the local crystal blue waters and deep green woods. This tradition has continued, and the region is now home to numerous artists, artisans, art galleries and photographers. Muskoka District is also of significant importance in maintaining Ontario's history and unique culture through its museums and heritage centers.

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Sports in Muskoka, Ontario

AMuskoka District Municipality is renowned for having some of the world's most spectacular golf courses. Muskoka is also home to a variety of other sports teams and events, such as minor hockey, soccer, baseball, figure skating, water sports, dog sled races, marathons and triathlons.

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Media of Muskoka

The towns within Muskoka publish their own local media, including the Huntsville Forester, the Bracebridge Examiner, and the Huntsville Times.

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